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Affelios gives you the convenience of a network with the flexibility of a custom platform.

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Build a custom branded affiliate tracking platform and launch for free with our Flex price plan with unlimited access to all features on any subscription

Get started for Free on Flex

Create an affiliate program and get unlimited access to all features in Affelios with no fixed costs on a pay-as-you-grow flexible basis.

Customise your platform

Choose a unique sub-domain, upload your logo and match your colour scheme for a bespoke look and feel to your new branded affiliate platform.

Integrate your brands

Add your first Brand and choose an integration method from our no-code options, or build an enterprise grade real time integration using our extensive apis.

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Build the Affelios Way

Build a custom branded affiliate platform in just a few minutes.

Affelios empowers users to design, build and deploy an enterprise grade affiliate platform on your own custom domain in a timescale measured in minutes.

Simply choose a domain, upload your logo, and set a primary brand colour. Affelios will deploy a new program as a platfom, ready for you to integrate your brands to start recruiting affiliates and tracking your internal marketing campaigns.

Build the Affelios Way

Multi-Brand and Multi-Product

Integrate and launch multiple Brands within a single Affelios instance and create an unlimited number of products associated to each, with the ability to craft custom commission plans, manage media assets, and report in real time.

Complete Control

Want to build a completely bespoke affiliate user experience? Or mix and match with a custom onboarding process?

Take control of the user experience, from registration and log in, to tracking, reporting and payments. Leverage the permissions based Affelios REST API, empowering you to create a completely bespoke in-house affiliate platform, or seamlessly integrate a refer a friend scheme with automatic attribution and commission calculation with no compromise to your customer experience.


Build and deploy your affiliate platform for free

Launch Your Program

Advanced Real-time Reporting

Thanks to the Affelios transaction engine, operators are able to build best in class api integrations that support real time commission calculation whilst providing completely transparent permissions based reports to affiliates and back office users. Monitor activity, identify potential growth opportunities, and maximise your return on investment with our powerful real time reporting solutions.

Speed, Reliability and Security

Hosted in the Cloud, with automatic SSL Certificate provisioning for your custom domains, the Affelios API and front end client are backed by a world class hosting infrastructure that provides you with a guaranteed up time of 99.9%, and a friendly support team on hand to assist you every step of the way.

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